PTS Patch Notes v1.3.0 Elder Scrolls Online comments

I picked out the things I found notable in the patch notes for the new PTS update and made unhelpful and sarcastic commentary due to boredom:

47 new achievements have been added to the game across all sections, from crafting to dungeons to PvP, and many of these new achievements will have dyes associated with them.

Well… what about all of the broken Achievements? Collectibles don’t exist. Fishing is broken in a variety of ways as enumerated on these forums, is inscrutable, and the least rewarding or fun of fishing in any game. I still can’t get the dolmen Achievement as Nibenay Basin dolmen in Cyrodiil refuses to acknowledge my many solo runs around the place, thus I can’t get the title, despite having contacted Customer Support about it – and I’m hardly the only one!

Fixed some animation issues that were caused by trying to Break Free during a knockback.

Does this mean that the awful “double CC” exploit in PvP which pins you to the ground without a means of escape for four seconds has, at long last, been fixed?

Grand Healing: This ability now shows green ring on the ground when cast by an ally in Cyrodiil.

This is a great idea. Having soloed almost everything until VR 12 it was pretty funny learning what that spell’s FX meant – I thought it was an offensive AoE and would run, leap and roll away from them at dolmens. Certainly it is responsible for obscuring all of the other things going on in large-scale, compact PvP battles.

PTS Patch Notes v1.3.0 Elder Scrolls Online comments

Caltrops: This now shows a red ring on the ground when cast by an enemy in Cyrodiil.

Also an excellent idea, as there’s no way for one to tell whether they’re friendly or the enemies’ caltrops which matters quite a bit if, say, you’re about to ride over them in a cavalry charge or stealthing over them and are then suddenly detected.

Siege Shield: This ability now gives you an armor and resistance bonus instead of reducing all damage taken. (great! so where’s my skill point refund)

Is this a joke? The siege items in 2 of the 3 versions of this already aren’t protected, and as we are all too well aware now armor doesn’t do squat in comparison to % damage decrease – which is something players can actually understand and plan around, whereas “adds X armor informs us of nothing whatsoever in practical terms.

Fixed an issue so the Corpus Husk will no longer vomit endlessly when interrupted with a stun.

This is terrible and I want to know what a Corpus Husk is so that I may observe this before it gets “fixed.”

Fixed an issue where some burned out campfires could launch you into the air.

Again, this is too bad, as it sounds like a load of fun. I loved that quest in the EP lands (Eastmarch, perhaps?) where the stick in the ground flings you high into the air. EP also has Kicky the Friendly Giant.

Player characters will now scream in fewer, more natural circumstances.
Improved the music that you hear when you die.

Characters do scream an awful lot, which wouldn’t be so bad except for all the poor folks whose accounts were autobanned for “spamming” as they repeatedly screamed over and over while endlessly falling after having fallen through the world.

Adjusted the audio while working at crafting stations so it\u2019s now more focused on the crafting at hand.

May the Eight bless you! That freaking hammering over and over…

Added better support for 5.1 audio.

How is it supported now? I’ve never seen any such option.

Fixed an issue where morphed abilities would not slot onto your ability bar automatically after you redistributed your skill points.

Is there a hook in the API for this? I’ve often wished that my abilities which I have slotted on my second loadout merely to get leveled up would un-slot once they reach Rank IV and notify me so that I can swap them out for something new, as oftentimes one doesn’t have the time to attend to every HUD notification mid-fight or mid-quest.

The crowd control breaker ability is now displayed as “Break Free” in item and ability descriptions.

It must have been really annoying for someone to go through and re-name all of the critters’ abilities for purposes of death recap and such to something presentable, judging from the list of 15,000 or so abilities listed in ESOhead’s database, some of which are named things like, “Phil put name here” or some such.

Magma Armor: This ability no longer stacks if you recast it before the duration expires.

Does this mean that right now this always stacks, and that’s why you always see DKs spamming it over and over again while standing around doing nothing, or is that just gamer ADHD?

Summon Shade: Fixed an issue where using this ability could cause a monster to stare at the summoned shade for several seconds before attacking you.

I think a nice ability would be to target another player and cause all mobs they encounter to turn towards and stare at them. Manipulation of “line of sight” is not something I recall seeing in a game, plus it’d make that person incredibly paranoid, which is fun for (almost) all involved.

Unstable Familiar: The Familiar that you summon is now considered a Daedra, and can be affected by all Fighters Guild abilities.

Does that mean people will cease exploiting the “multi-hit” bug from their explosions, too?

Sun Fire: Fixed an issue where casting Sun Fire wouldn’t cause you to face your target.

About time. In pre-release PTS some of my earliest memories are of casting this, and that Vamp drain/stun ability, out of the back of my toon’s wrist all the time.

Mist Form: Fixed an issue where the arrow would still be visible when you activate Mist Form with a bow equipped.

I don’t recall seeing a floating, unaccompanied bow but I bet I would have followed it around, seeing where it led me.

Potency Runes will now stack up to 100.

It’s about freaking time. I also note that “inspiration” for Crafting is still completely and totally unfair and penalizes those who invest in it at low levels who don’t realize they’ll never get the skill up to a level that’s commensurate with their own levelunless they happen to have other Enchanter friends.

Each inventory can now have a single unique version of an item, including the bank. For example, if you have two characters under your account and have a disguise, you could have three different versions of the disguise: one disguise in your first character’s inventory, one disguise in your second character’s inventory, and one disguise in the bank.

This is a superb idea and it’s nice that one can collect disguises and costumes.

Fixed an issue where the guild store belonging to a claimed keep in Cyrodiil could not be browsed by a non-guild member. Now if you own a keep, your guild store can be browsed by anyone of the same alliance.

So there’s actually a reason to have a Guild Store now? Why implement something that broken, annoying, and unmanageable if it’s also useless? And won’t those not involved in the fight and subsequent wall repairs not have an even greater motivation to leech AP and then ninja the Keep-claim?

If you have already completed the challenge mentioned in the achievement, in many cases you will be back credited for the new achievement. For example, becoming Emperor is a new achievement in the game, and any previous or current emperors will receive credit for this achievement.

The final Mages and Fighters Guild quest now have improved rewards.

Reeeeaaaaallllly? What about Cadwell’s Pyrite (that’d be fool’d gold)?

Adjusted many doors so all group members can more easily use them, as long as one member of the group has the associated quest.

That potentially makes this a multiplayer game of cooperation instead of the others nearby just being annoyances or competitors in some situations!

When you’re in a different channel with group members, but in the same zone, you will now get an auto-prompt to travel to the group leader.

By a different “channel” are you referring to different “layers” of the megaserver but representing the same locale in a zone?

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