Xbox One -Elder Scrolls Online- Minor Slayer does not work

After running some dungeons and doing some dps, I felt something was off. One of my guild mates then told me that Minor Slayer is reportedly not working. I of course immediately went into a dungeon to test this to find our the truth. Stats and CP were exactly the same in the testing that I did. 34,723 max stam. 3119 weapon damage.

I used 6 Twice Born Star on body (no reason for 6, just because I had a vicious piece here and wanted to make sure I had no erroneous data) and 1 Velidreth Helmet, all medium. Weapons were 1 Maelstrom Dagger Sharpened, 1 maelstrom axe precise. Jewelry was 3 piece Vicious Ophidian ALL GOLD with GOLD weapon damage glyphs to test Minor Slayer. When not testing Minor Slayer I subsituted a GOLD Vicious Ring with a GOLD Alkosh Ring with the same GOLD weapon damage glyph.

First I tested this on Adds in Vet Spindle. Hurricane and Light Attacks hit for the same damage.
Second, I thought maybe this only is broken on adds. Hit Bloodspawn multiple tests. Hurricane, Light Attacks, and Rapid Strikes hit for the same damage
Third, I thought: “Okay, maybe it doesn’t work in dungeons but works in trials. Went to AA. Same results.

Minor Slayer is not working on Xbox One, and I’d encourage PS4 users to test this as well.

This patch is phenomenal: good content to do, frames are a LOT better on console, and text chat is an awesome feature, but the bugs that came with this patch are very disheartening.

First, we discovered Maw is undoable on Xbox: People’s game turns a different color and then get sent to the dashboard and it happens to almost the entire raid.
Now, Minor Slayer, something every raider was excited was going to be good, doesn’t even work as well as it did last patch. Please ZoS, fix this.

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